Our People Publish

Our own Barry DeLozier writes about his Journey to the Holy Land and the bonds he built as a result.
Take a trip with our own Jennifer Walker-Journey to some of the most interesting towns around in her “Good Towns” column for Regions.
Our own Elizabeth Trawick is published in this helpful book about the most important job on earth!

Elizabeth Trawick

Have you purchased your copy of Hurricane Season yet? Great reading for rainy days! LaurenKDenton-HurricaneSeason (1)

Congratulations to Barbara Gordon and Brenda Burton whose writings have been published in the latest Birmingham Arts Journal!
Congratulations to Brenda Burton whose essay “Behave” is published in the latest edition of Birmingham Arts Journal!


Congratulations to our own Lauren Denton for the upcoming release of her novel The Hideaway, which was workshopped in our classes. We are so proud of her!Lauren's book


Congratulations to Michael Calvert for publication in Weld not once, but twice!michael calvert
Congratulations also to Michael for his publication “Sucker Punched by Thugs” in Birmingham Arts Journal.

BAJ michael

Congratulations to Michael Calvert for publishing his memoir “Laboring in the Bean Field.” 

baj woman with beard.png